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ASES Program/Programa de ASES

Interested in the Summer Program? Come by and get a registration form. 😎

Interested_in_the_Summer_Program?_Come_by_and_get_a_registration_form._😎 icon
Interested in the Summer Program? Come by and get a registration form. 😎



Our Beamer ASES program serves about 100 students daily after the end of the school day. The ASES program begins at the end of the regular school day. It includes a light snack, time for working on and receiving help on homework, and enrichment or recreation time. We focus on providing quality academic support for all of our students in a safe and supportive environment. Students participate in enrichment activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, science projects, theater classes, singing and dancing, and athletic sports.
ASES Contact Information: 
Johana Ramirez-Zapien
Beamer Elementary ASES Coordinator
(530) 681-7919
Room 16
Meet Our ASES Tutors

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Meet Our ASES Tutors

Edwin Matute
4th Grade
Corina Cortez
5th Grade
Iqra Amir
3rd and 5th Grade
Alondra Perez Garcia
6th Grade
Skyler Mojica 
Lauren Hong
6th Grade
Upcoming Events! 

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Upcoming Events! 

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Have you signed up for our Parent Square yet?

ASES Enrollment Procedures

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Our ASES program invites students to participate based on academic performance and need. As a program, we meet with teachers every spring to go over test scores and student performance, and together we compiled a list of eligible ASES candidates. Those students and their families then receive an invitation to attend an orientation session with the ASES coordinator to go over ASES rules and expectations and claim their spot in ASES. This school year, we will be shifting our orientations to fall at the end of the current school year so that all students and families are enrolled and ready to go on day one of school for the following academic year. 

We currently serve grades 2nd through 6th at Beamer and have a capacity of 20 students per grade level, so it is required for families to attend an orientation session or their spot will be given to someone else. Students who are not invited to ASES are able to join a waitlist and will be admitted, space permitting, based on the criteria list as follows:
1. Academic performance
2. Principal, teacher, or staff referral
3. Sibling already in the program
4. Safety concerns (no one at home after school)
5. Previously enrolled in ASES
6. No one can help with homework at home
7. On waitlist for other reasons 
Attendance Policy

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It is our policy that students attend ASES every day until pm to 5:30 pm maximizes the benefits of them being enrolled in ASES. If a student is absent, it is the parent's responsibility to clear the absence with ASES within 3 days by providing a note or emailing the coordinator. A student with more than 5 unexcused absences will be dismissed from the ASES program. 
We understand that we have students who may need to leave before 5:00 pm on certain days for extracurricular activities or other commitments. To sign your student out early on a scheduled set of days, please submit a schedule or letter outlining their activities with a completed and signed parallel program form. You can acquire the necessary paperwork with the ASES coordinator.