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Dear Beamer parents, teachers, students and other members of the community,

We are calling all parents, families, teachers and other Beamer personnel, and members of the extended community that might be interested in becoming part of this project.

We need people with all kinds of knowledge and enthusiasm to make this project a success:
  • Are you a passionate gardener? Would you like sharing your knowledge with us, or taking turns tending the garden?
  • Or maybe you don't know much about gardening (yet) but would like to help and learn? 
  • Are you passionate about composting and those lovely wiggly worms? Can you help us set up or maintain a composting system?
  • Are you handy with tools? Can you help building garden structures now and then?
  • Can you help transport large and/or heavy garden materials now and then?
  • Are you passionate about the connection between nutrition and gardening? Can you help us plan a nutritious garden, and build a connection with the cafeteria?
  • Are you interested in outdoor science curriculum and education? Can you help us coordinate with the teachers and the children?
  • Are you good organizing the work of volunteers and children? Can you help us organize people working on day projects like pre-planting or planting day?
  • Or maybe you would like to participate with garden art and decoration? 
I am sure you can come put with more ideas and ways to help that I have not thought of. That is why we need you! You can put your hobbies or expertise to work for a good cause. So, join the Beamer Garden Team today! 

Maybe you can dedicate only a few hours a month, or only now and then. Or maybe you can put more time, and dedicate a few hours a week. You can help indoors or outdoors. We need you! For starters, summer is coming and with the children gone, we need volunteers to do summer tasks:
  • Sign up for a garden rotation to take turns tending the garden. 
  • Lead or help with summer garden projects to ready the garden for next school year (like Bermuda grass control, and setting up a composting system)
  • We also need knowledgeable gardeners and crafty planners to help us plan ahead. I know is only early summer, but we need to start thinking about what we need for the fall garden!

Please, share this with other members of the community that might want to help. And become part of the Beamer Garden Team now! 

Contact us at any of the addresses below:

Tania Brines (Garden Mom)        phone 435-754-6028

Georgina Llamas-Cruz (Principal)